Life has it is!

Embrace Today! 

Embrace the wonder and excitement each day brings. For tomorrow affords us new opportunities… time to experience… time to create…  time to reflect… time to dream. 


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A little about me & How my husband and I meet!!!

Me 2
Im in the middle my husband is the one closest to the camera, then Are friend Ross is holding the fish And are other friend in the back is Joe.

Wow! I didnt know there is so much to know about making a website! Widgets,headers,links,and so on. I thought I was computer saby, and a fast learner! But man oh man there is to much!! So please bear with me if you come visit my website. If you have any pointers Im all ears! I started this website because Im not working at the time, because of health problems and I just need something to do after the house cleaning and daily projects done. There is just so much tv a  person can watch. I’m addicted to Pinterest I love doing crafts!  I make my own candles,soaps, and laundry soap. I want to get in to woodworking but my husband won’t show me how to use the table saw. he says. I’ll end up cutting a finger off or something lol!  But he dosent have much time in the summer because he works has a line setter for paving.  I do wish people would slow down in road construction, because all those men and women do have familys and my husband has told me he had a lot of close calls!!

My husband is 4 years older than me, we meet and became friends when I was a freshman in high school. I always had a crush on him but you know.. he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend at those times..  but I’m really glad we were friends before we started dating and a little older. I was 20 years old when I got the balls to ask him if he want’ed to go on date?  So are first date was ice fishing!! I’m not one of those kinda girls who needs to be  wined and dined.. and I luv fishing!!! It was a great day sitting in the little ice shanty close to him . we got 1 small northern all day!  There was other friends with us but they were in separate shanty’s so we did get alone time!! I have a picture of that day and I have it hanging up because it brings a smile to my face everytime I look at it. New years 2003 at midnight he told me we are a couple now!!! lol…I had no arguments about that..  WE have been together since 2003 and we got married in 2008 and its 2016.. where did the time go!! I knew right away with my husband he was the one!!! We are like any married couples we have are ups and downs!!! But his gone on the road a lot for work and everytime he comes home I swear I fall in luv with him all over again..

But do I think he feels the same about me?. I think way to much sometimes and its hard to stop..i was diagnosed 2 yrs ago that i’m bipolar which really explains a lot of things  i notice in my life and why i could be so happy at one moment and sad or angry at a moment, and my love of going on shopping sprees knowing we didnt have the money!! my impulse thinking is what really is hard to control.. its really hard to hold a job!! i have had so many jobs in my life its getting difficult to get a job now.. either i have to go back to school which at this time is not going to happen .or work for minimum wage and pretty much gas getting there well it would not make a difference,, so im reading about affiliated marketing and i guess im going try it!!! my daughter who will be turning 15 in november has a job!! i am so proud of her she is growing up way to fast and she is a talented artist for her age!!! I will post some of her art work in my photo gallary. if i can figure how to do that lol!  Well i guess its time to take a break in my life story.. i have plenty more to share with you about my life and memories.. tomorrow is another day. I wish you all to have a goodnight !